zodiac signs most and least likely to get rich in 2024

Virgo: have a knack for numbers and a practical mind, so they can probably make good investments and get rich.

Scorpios have a reputation for being very determined and creative, traits that might serve them well in the business world

Capricorn: Capricorns are excellent managers and planners of money since they are disciplined and diligent.

Taurus: The persistence and patience of a Taurus might help them amass fortune in the long run.

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Pisces: an intuitive and creative thinker who could have trouble keeping track of their money.

Aquarius: While other signs may be more concerned with material success, Aquarians are free-spirited and creative.

Cancer is a kind and sympathetic sign, although it may not place the same value on material achievement as other zodiac signs.

Sagittarians are full of life and full of optimism, but when it comes to money, they might not be as meticulous as those born under the sign of Aquarius.