Pilates: Body Awareness and Strengthening of the Core

Exercises on a mat: For a solid foundation, engage in a series of exercises on a mat that concentrate on the core muscles.

Pilates Roll-Up: Learn to roll from a supine posture with control to strengthen your entire abdominal area.

Leg Circles: These exercises strengthen the core and increase body awareness while fostering control and stability.

Plank Variations: By doing a variety of plank workouts that target the back and abdominal muscles, you can strengthen your core and enhance your posture.

The Hundred: Use the deep abdominal muscles to increase core endurance by pumping your arms as you stay in a tabletop position.

Pelvic Curl: By elevating the hips and articulating the spine, the pelvic curl improves core strength and spine mobility.

Side Plank: Include variants of the side plank in your program to work on your obliques and enhance your lateral stability.

Breath Awareness: To improve the mind-body connection and body awareness in your Pilates practice, pay attention to your breathing while performing movements.

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