(Part-2) Win over South Carolina voters who like Nikki Haley but adore Trump.

Carter voted Trump 2016 and 2020. Carter claimed he desired a Republican administration despite knowing “both times” that Trump did not share his principles. He claimed the Jan. 6 uprising broke things. Carter said Haley provides Republicans the clear alternative to avoid voting for Trump again in November.

Daniel Schroder, 38, a father of three, says, “It’s about character.” As his family waited to see Haley, Schroder labeled Trump “bad for democracy” and claimed Haley “wants to have actual dialogue and debate.”

Haley said South Carolina is not a must-win but another step from her roughly 20% share in Iowa and 43% share in New Hampshire, which put her at 17 delegates, compared to Trump's 32, with 1,215 needed to clinch the nomination. “This is a long way from over,” she declared over the weekend in her first campaign trip back home since defeating Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and cutting Trump's New Hampshire advantage.

“As a traditional Republican, we just have to stop Trump here,” said 54-year-old Anderson engineer Michael Gardner. “I've never attended a political event like this, but I'm in. Giving it back to Trump friends and talking to everyone I can.” Gardner stated his only convert is his Democratic wife. Schroder said, “Most of my friends, most of my family are still with Trump.” Haley must negotiate Trump's polarized Republican primary voters in addition to her supporters.

“I'm sure she's a lovely person, but she seems like another puppet on a string,” said Michele Kuzma, a 60-year-old retiree from New Jersey who moved following Haley's governorship. Kuzma echoed far-right conspiracy theories and accusations that Haley's campaign is “paid for by the Democrats” in an interview. Victor Morgan, a 41-year-old independent, wants to vote for Haley if she attacks Trump. Each election cycle, South Carolina voters pick a major party primary without party registration.

On the infamous “Access Hollywood” audio published in the final weeks of the 2016 general election, he said, “I want her to grab him by the crotch.” “I want her to give him back everything he’s been giving out,” Morgan remarked. A Haley event attendee, a rebel, stated why she feels Haley holds back.

The revolt landed Pam Hemphill in federal prison. She reversed course and opposed Trump. She waited next to the platform Sunday to implore Haley to pardon Capitol assault participants.

Hemphill said Initially, Haley dodged her inquiry. Hemphill waited and asked. “That time she said clearly, ‘No,’ she wouldn’t pardon them,” Hemphill recalled. An aide cited a recent NBC News and Des Moines Register interview in which Haley distinguished between Capitol rioters like Hemphill and others.

“The ones that went in, the ones that broke the law—you should hold them accountable,” Haley remarked. “You must ensure they pay.” Hemphill said she understood why Haley only takes such stances when questioned, not in speeches or paid ads.