(Part-2) While in Florida, Biden plans to soak up some rays and campaign funds.

According to Kevin Wagner, a political science professor at Florida Atlantic University who also oversees the school's polling operation in Palm Beach County, Biden has a fighting chance in Florida because to the large number of independents—approximately 25% of the population.

Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis and the state legislature have failed miserably in their attempts to curb the escalating cost of housing and insurance, according to Wagner. DeSantis was Trump's opponent for the GOP nomination.

According to him, "the issues people are focused on, the candidates are going to be different" compared to 2022. "The idea that Republicans will automatically win Florida is doubtful."

Internal strife has affected both Florida parties. Christian Ziegler was recently removed as chair of the Republican state party due to his involvement in a sex scandal.

I hope that President Biden takes note of the successful initiatives implemented in Florida on his visits. "We are excited about the prospect of removing him and his ineffective administration from office in November," stated the newly elected chair of the party, Evan Power.

The disarray inside the state Democratic Party has persisted for quite some time. Party workers found out after the 2020 election that their health insurance had gone unpaid, leaving them uninsured and, in some cases, with hefty medical expenditures.

As a result of the 2022 crushing defeat, party chair Nikki Fried—a former state agricultural commissioner—was elected last year. Even though Fried became the first Democrat in a decade to win a statewide campaign in 2018, she has unable to stop the decline in Democratic voter registration.

In her opinion, Biden will win Florida this year, according to Fried. Democrats and independents inclined to the left are likely to come out in large numbers if ballot initiatives to limit abortion and legalize marijuana are included.