(Part-2) Democrats warn of targeting Fani Willis as Georgia House revives prosecutor oversight group.

On Friday, senators established a special investigating committee, which Republicans claim would look into allegations that Willis has used state funds to pay attorney Nathan Wade to represent her in a special prosecution.

On Thursday, Trump sided with co-defendant Michael Roman in his attempt to dismiss the charges against Willis, Wade, and their offices. On January 8, Roman's attorney Ashleigh Merchant moved to dismiss Willis's case because of a conflict of interest allegedly caused by his improper contact with Wade.

There have been rumors that Willis and Wade were romantically involved, but she has not commented publicly on the matter. While attending a ceremony at Atlanta's Black church on January 14 to honor the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., she vehemently supported Wade and his credentials. At that point, she implied that racism is at the heart of the criticism of Wade.

Wade purchased aircraft tickets to Miami in October 2022 and San Francisco in April 2022 in the names of himself and Willis, according to credit card data included in his divorce lawsuit. This was after he had been recruited as a special prosecutor. Conservatives claim that by hiring Wade, Willis was unduly influenced by his own self-interest.

On Monday, Kemp urged the Senate to swiftly approve the proposal, stating his preference for the prosecutor oversight group to investigate any allegations of wrongdoing by Willis rather than the Senate committee. The removal of the Supreme Court's review requirement from guidelines might result in the commission itself becoming unsupervised, according to Democrats. Additionally, by establishing a stringent standard of review, the proposal would make it more difficult for a court to reverse the commission's decision.

Who will police this commission?" said Democratic Representative Tanya Miller of Atlanta. "To whom will they have to answer?" Definitely not the electorate, as they have no say in the matter. We should all be terrified by this.

Republican efforts to rein in unpopular prosecutors are many around the country, including Georgia's bill. Some progressive prosecutors have sought reduced jail terms and reduced the number of drug possession cases they bring, prompting Republicans to criticize them, claiming that the Democrats are enabling offenders.

House Republican Houston Gaines of Athens stated, "If you talk to victims across this state of district attorneys who aren't doing their job, you'll recognize why we can't delay this any further.