(Part-1) Democrats warn of targeting Fani Willis as Georgia House revives prosecutor oversight group.

While in Atlanta, — House lawmakers in Georgia revived a committee with the authority to censure and dismiss prosecutors on Monday. Democrats in the state claim this action is an attempt to derail former president Donald Trump's prosecution by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis.

House Bill 881 was sent to the Senate for additional consideration after a 95-75 party-line vote in the House. Last week, a comparable bill was considered and approved by a Senate committee.

Last year, the Prosecuting Attorneys Qualifications Commission was established by legislation signed by Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp. However, it was unable to commence operations due to the state Supreme Court's refusal in November to accept regulations controlling its behavior.

The justices expressed "grave doubts" over their capacity to oversee the extralegal responsibilities of district attorneys. The need for permission from the Supreme Court is eliminated by Monday's resolution.

Sponsoring the proposal was Republican Rep. Joseph Gullett of Dallas. "This commission will now be able to begin their real work, which is bringing accountability to those rogue prosecuting attorneys who abuse their office," Gullett stated.

Republicans like Gullett have denied that the bill targets Willis specifically, pointing to other cases of prosecutor wrongdoing—even ones where Democrats had previously backed the concept of a prosecutor oversight panel—to back their claim.

Republicans are attempting to ignore the will of the Democratic people, according to Democrats, who have toughened their opposition to the panel.

The Democrat from Lawrenceville, who is serving as House Minority Whip, expressed concern that the commission would act unilaterally, interfering with existing investigations against President Trump. There is an ongoing criminal case against former president Trump, and you are trying to shield him from it.