(Part-1) Dean Phillips petitions Wisconsin Supreme Court to place him on ballot (Democratic Biden challenge).

Madison — U.S. Rep. Dean Phillips asks the Wisconsin Supreme Court to place him on the primary ballot in the battleground state after the state's top Democrats only put President Joe Biden on there.

Phillips petitioned the state's top court on Friday. On Monday, the Wisconsin Supreme Court ordered the group that nominated Biden as the sole Democratic candidate and the state elections commission until Wednesday to react

 Former President Donald Trump and five of his competitors, including four who have withdrawn, will also be on the Wisconsin ballot.

Phillips, who represents Minnesota in Congress, is a longshot Biden opponent. He is the sole elected Democrat fighting Biden.

Phillips wants the Wisconsin Supreme Court to rule by Feb. 9 to prevent complications with absentee ballot distribution dates before the April 2 primary.

Phillips alleges that the Wisconsin Presidential Preference Selection Committee and Wisconsin Election Commission illegally ignored his request to be on the ballot.

Phillips asserted that he satisfied Wisconsin law's ballot access requirement of being “generally advocated or recognized in the national news media.”

According to the complaint, a top Phillips aide asked the Wisconsin Democratic Party chairman regarding ballot access on Dec. 2.