Just one percent of those who are good with 3D visualization can find two hidden faces in eleven seconds!

The intricacy of human vision and cognitive processes can be better understood with the help of optical illusions that challenge one's ability to visualize three dimensions.  

These optical illusions make a flat surface seem three-dimensional by manipulating the viewer's perception of depth, perspective, and shading. 

To participate in optical illusions, you need to be able to mentally spin and move things, see concealed pictures, or detect depth when none is there. 

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You may improve your spatial reasoning, critical thinking, and 

problem-solving skills while taking these optical illusion exams, which also test your 3D visualizing ability. 

Take a look at this optical illusion; it will test your ability to imagine things in three dimensions.  

Two faces are concealed in this photograph; can you find them? 

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