How Martha Stewart Sprinkles Orange Flavor on French Toast

Martha Stewart's cooking skills are well-known. She reinvents classic foods with her great taste and clever recipes. She makes a delicious French toast twist. She adds orange liqueur, zest, and juice for a pleasant and delicious orange flavor.

Fresh ingredients are key to Martha's orange French toast. Freshly grated orange zest and squeezed orange juice give the meal an unmatched vibrancy. 

Stewart's Grand Marnier orange liqueur gives a subtle flavor depth. The mild, sweet subtlety enhances French toast without dominating it. 

Alcohol cooks off during preparation, leaving orange fragrance. Orange peel grated finely has a strong citrus flavor and scent. Martha recommends grating the zest using a microplane to ensure it's fine and evenly distributed throughout the batter

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Freshly squeezed orange juice gives French toast a vibrant, acidic sweetness that complements the bread and egg mixture.

Stewart balances flavor with these three elements. For Stewart, adding orange taste is about balance. While orange marmalade may be convenient, it can make a dish too sweet and cloying.

Stewart balances flavor with these three elements. Stewart balances the sweet and acidic citrus flavors of orange liqueur, zest, and juice to make wonderful French toast.

Martha Stewart's zesty orange French toast requires orange zest, juice, and liqueur in the egg mixture. After making the orange-infused egg mixture, make French toast as usual. This meal can be topped with powdered sugar or maple syrup.

First thing in the morning, try Stewart's delicious French toast. She surprises with her spicy orange accent to the classic breakfast dish.