Exercises for Everyday Activities to Promote Functional Fitness

Squats: To strengthen the legs and enhance functional mobility, mimic the sitting and standing motions.

Exercises like deadlifts help strengthen the posterior chain, which is important for everyday lifting and bending motions.

Push-Ups: For activities like pushing doors or lifting items, strengthen your arms, shoulders, and chest.

Plank Variations: Strengthen your core, which is essential for keeping your balance when doing daily duties.

Lunges: Boost your leg power and stability to help with tasks like climbing stairs and uneven ground.

Farmers Walk: To strengthen your grip and general functional strength, lift heavy things in both hands.

Exercises that include twisting: Improve your rotational strength, which is useful for tasks like reaching and turning.

Step-ups: Recreate activities like stepping up onto a curb or stairway while increasing lower body strength and agility.

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