Billionaire Cowboy Owner Pays $250m For New Super Yacht

Mr. Jones, a rich businessman, took his 357-foot bespoke superyacht on a holiday trip. Dutch yacht maker Oceanco said its "proud owners" received the fuel-efficient ship a few days before Christmas.

Oceanco and Lateral introduced "Bravo Eugenia"—named after Mr. Jones' wife Genie—an energy-efficient superyacht design. The manufacturer says the ship's single-tiered engine room allows for a thin design and additional guest cabins.

The builder says the sleek white superyacht includes two helipads and plenty of storage for the owner's many water toys.

Spa features include a massage room, sauna, steam room, and plunge pool. The lower deck has a gym and a lavish "beach club," the ship's waterside leisure.

British design firm Reymond Langton uses maple wood and pearl lacquer with ebony embellishments in their modern interiors.

"We worked very closely with the owner to find the perfect artisans and craftsmen to create bespoke artworks, fabrics and signature furniture pieces that reflect the owner's style and essence and create a warm, inviting environment for all on board," Reymond Langton Design partner Pascale Reymond said.

Mr. Jones and Cowboys spokesmen did not respond to requests for comment. However, public documents link the ship to Mr. Jones, who received an FCC radio equipment license last month.

Mr. Jones' latest gadget is unfinished. Oceanco said he returned the superyacht to the Netherlands after New Year's for finishing touches.

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