A Visual Illusion to Test Your IQ: Find 28 in 20 in 8 Seconds

Examine every detail, noticing minor shape and pattern differences.  

The number 28 is hidden throughout the composition, waiting for your attention. With only 8 seconds, you must demonstrate your intelligence. 

So use your brain, trust your intuition, and find the hidden numeral to demonstrate your ability to comprehend complicated visual inputs quickly. Good luck! 

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Precision in deconstructing design aspects is vital to success.

Look for shapes, lines, and intersections to find the hidden numeral. A clever combination of surrounding items can produce the number 28.  

Keep an eye out and use your keen observation skills to solve this deceptively deceptive puzzle. Well done on mastering perception! 

Look attentively at the photo to see the Hidden Number 28 in the highlighted region. 

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